Arnout Verburg

Hello and welcome to my portofolio!

Let me start off by introducing myself. I am Arnout Verburg, a game designer born and raised near the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. In my childhood, I was really into drawing. I made up my own fantasy worlds and tried to get them onto paper. Later I became an active gamer. I started off with games like Commander Keen, Rescue Rover and other floppy diskette games and moved on to Rayman and the Legend of Zelda. A good base for some gaming knowledge I'd say!

So how did I get into game design? I did have some experience with creating game content such as basic programming, game maker, RPG maker and the Elder Scrolls Construction Set, but it was always just a hobby. It was only until the start of my studies when game design became a real passion. The first courses in Game Design really spoke to me. Most of the information thrown at me was things I have thought about, but never really knew the theory behind. The more courses I had, the more inspired I became to come up with my own game ideas and attempt some prototyping.

I like to think I'm an out of the box thinker when it comes to Game Design. I am most comfortable with coming up with interesting mechanics and work them out in a prototype. With a good base knowledge of Unity and C#, this comes fairly easy to me. In addition to that, I am more of an all-rounder than a specialist in game design, as I enjoy programming, creative thinking and drawing all the same.

You might notice, as you're browsing my portfolio, I have some artwork on display as well. I have enjoyed drawing since I was a little kid and still create sketches from time to time. Furthermore these skills have guided me a lot during game design! It helps a great deal whenever I start a new project; I literally go to the drawing board and draw out anything I need for design and even programming.

Now that you're here, take some time to scroll around my page and enjoy my work! ^^ In the 'About' section you can find a short version of my Curriculum Vitae, containing my background and skills. In the other sections you can find the work I did including games, traditional drawing, digital drawing, modeling, animation and many more!

Have fun!

Curriculum Vitae

2011-PresentHBO Informatics, HvA Amsterdam
Major Game Design
2009-2010HBO Game Art and Technology, NHTV Breda
2006-2007HBO Engineering, HU Utrecht
2000-2005HAVO, Cals College Nieuwegein
Additional Projects
2015-2015Global Game Jam
2014-2015Course Entrepreneurship and Innovation
2014-2014Minor Entrepreneurship
Work Experience
2013-2014Internship Game Development Pixel Pixies
Adobe FlashGood
Adobe PhotoshopGood
Autodesk MayaGood
Unity 3DExcellent
Unreal EngineAverage
Actionscript 3Excellent
DutchFirst Language